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By James R. Shaw

Hawaiian vacations are not just romantic getaways. They are also great family destinations. Your kids can enjoy many Hawaiian activities. They'll love swimming, attending a luau, and learning about tiki culture. Hawaii is the perfect vacation spot for just about anyone because of the diverse range of activities in which you can partake. You can spend a quiet week laying on the beach, or fill your time with adventures like snorkeling or hiking.

No Hawaiian vacation would be complete without attending a luau. These traditional feasts occur every week in Hawaii, although they are traditionally given to celebrate a birth or a wedding. These large parties are open to the public, are usually family-friendly, and include fresh flower leis, choreographed hula dancing, and delicious food. Most feature the traditional dinner of a roasted pig, although it is usually served buffet-style with a full array of choices. During dinner, you'll enjoy a show featuring Hawaiian songs and dances. Many even allow visitors the opportunity to learn a hula dance. Whichever Hawaiian island you choose for your vacation, a luau is a must.

Of course, if you're visiting Hawaii make sure to leave time for the beach. Adults and kids alike will love the sandy beaches and blue water for which Hawaii is famous. You can go snorkeling or surfing, or simply relax in the sun or under the shade of palm trees. Many people find the beach to be the most attractive part of a tropical vacation, but there's plenty to do if you get bored of the beach.

When visiting Hawaii, be sure to partake in the local culture. Besides attending a luau and learning how to surf, you should also learn about the Polynesian tiki culture. In Hawaiian folklore, tiki statues play a large role. Carved tiki statues or pendants are meant to bring good luck and allow the ancestors to look over you. Items from the tiki culture also make popular souvenirs of your trip to Hawaii. Tiki statues and carvings make unique decorations, while a pendant can bring you good luck. Tiki mugs are also a lot of fun. When you get back from your Hawaiian vacation, you just might want to decorate your home in a tiki style that will make you feel as if you never left the island.

No vacation would be complete without the requisite souvenirs. While vacationing you will surely want to pick up souvenirs to bring back for friends and family. Some of the most popular Hawaiian souvenirs besides tiki items include the ubiquitous Hawaiian shirt, as well as chocolate covered macadamia nuts and hula dancing dolls, as well as many different types of items made out of coconuts.

There are many other activities you can do during your Hawaiian vacation. Hiking, scuba diving, or visiting some of Hawaii's beautiful photo opportunities are just a few of the other activities you can plan during your trip. The hard part might be fitting everything in to your short stay. Hawaiian vacations offer something for everyone, from beautiful beaches to exciting adventures and of course, a taste of the local culture.

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